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August 2014


Did you know that one pharmacy with the One Shot System takes over 1200 passport and ID photos   a year. At $16.95 and a generous GP, that is good income.

Just like this store the best way to maximise your passport & ID photos is to utilise all the point of sale material (POS) available from APE Distribution.  Your store layout, store ambience and the way you merchandise stock will play an important aspect when using our One-Shot POS.  Posters ranging from A1, A2, A3 and A4 are ideal for use in store windows and on exterior walls to let your customers know you provide this valuable service. We also supply flags and effective LED signs.

Speak with your APE Representative to discuss the most suitable POS for your store. 


The company website that displays your stores location gets over 6400 hits a month.

Where do Australians go when they need a passport or ID photo in a hurry? With over 6,400 hits per month on the APE website the answer is clear!  The APE website is the first port-of-call for many Australians when they are planning an overseas trip or are wanting information on Australian ID cards and licences.  


The website has been updated to display store locations differently. Check it out!

Finding your store location has never been easier or quicker. Australians wanting a passport or ID photo simply type in their postcode to view their nearest location of our One-Shot Passport and ID Photo partner.  


New countries photo requirements are added to the website weekly. See the TAB “Global passports and Visas”

The team at APE Distribution are constantly updating information and links for our Australians travelling overseas. This information is also readily available to you, our One-Shot partner.  Not sure about the passport photo size for a particular country or need travel information? Check out the Global Passport and Visa tab on the APE website.